Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.

Although weekends are spent working here at the old house, trying to get it renovated for us to move into, weekday nights, and some weekend days when Roland cannot work, Jeff takes a boy or two over to our land to work... and fish. Addison is pretty much bored when he goes... spending time sitting around, reading his book.  Asa, on the other hand, takes his fishing pole, his minnow trap, and bucket... spending hours at the neighbor's pond.  

The shack that once stood as a major eye-sore at the front of the property is now gone. Well, it's not exactly "gone". Jeff took it apart, piece by piece, with nothing but a crowbar and a hammer. Seriously. No electricity.  No Saws.  Each and every piece is either stacked in piles to reuse or burned. The shack will be completely repurposed into a cabinish structure further back on the 25 acres. 

By removing the shack, Jeff has given me the ability to get a visual on how this whole thing will go down. Okay, so not the whole thing, but the driveway. The drive will be cut right through where the old house stood, across the creek and then run down the side property line. As someone who has an inability to grasp spatial relations, this visual was a must. Not only do I now see the driveway more clearly, but I see where this shack will be resurrected. I see the drives that will most likely cut across the property.... and I almost, ALMOST, can see where the house might be. 

The house is so distant a concept for me right now that I still cannot begin to grasp it. Of course, in typical Jeff/Holly fashion, we are not looking at this as much as a "dream house" idea.... It's more of a dream lifestyle idea. The goal is to work as hard as we can to have as much as we can, without going into any more debt. The goal to be mortgage-free, to live a life that will be a true example to our kids. Living simply. Working hard. Trusting God. Taking the road less traveled.  Jeff is most likely going to get a "portable" lumber mill, so that we can utilize the trees on our property for the lumber in our home.  You never know... we've done crazier things before.

While working in the yard with the animals recently, Asa asked me, "When will we have our farm and all of our animals?" I told him that you cannot just wish on a star for a dream. Dreams take a long time. They are hard work. Sometimes, you have to change them around a little to get them right. Now, I have to remind myself of this advice. Patience, grasshopper.