Monday, April 4, 2011

The Timmies

A few weeks ago, a very nice woman saw my post on Craigslist looking for a white leghorn rooster.  She had a young one, and I met her to pick him up.  The white leghorns are smaller than our others, and very sweet and tame.  Addison named this little guy "Timmy".  Well, although Timmy seemed happy as can be, he must have been bullied by the others.  On the first night, he "flew the coop" and we never saw him again.  The next day, the kids spent hours out looking for Timmy.  I half thought we would find him hiding in the barn... but, no such luck.

I called the woman that gave us Timmy, and she did have two more.  I told her we would take both of them.  So, after a chicken deal in the parking lot of Haverties, we took the new little guys home.  This time, we kept them caged for a while.  Addison began referring to them as... "The Timmies".  So, now we have to "put up the Timmies" and make sure to feed "The Timmies".  They are super sweet and friendly.  I know we won't need two leghorn roosters, but for now, the kids are enjoying playing with the friendliest chickens in the yard.