Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy Beavers

Back Property Line
Yesterday, I was able to go out to the property and tromp back in the woods without a kid strapped to my back.  Jeff and the boys had ventured to the back corner and found where beavers had been hard at work on various dams at the mouth of the pond.  The mouth of the pond, and a small corner of it, is on our property.  It seems the boys traded the "beaver dam" at our last house for many real ones!

This new area that we found is absolutely beautiful!  I don't know if we would be able to cut a drive all the way back there, but it would be awesome.  I definitely want to keep these beautiful creeks free of large farm animals, so the kids can explore and play!

I also was able to check out all the work that my three boys have been up to lately. Sure enough, the kitchen is completely gone.  Jeff had stacks of wood that we will use to build a barn further back in the woods.  Getting rid of that house, building a barn, and cutting a driveway over the creek(s) are all things we can try to get done while we are in a holding period to build.  Jeff found culvert on Craigslist, so we have something like 47 feet of huge pipe just waiting to be used.

Newspaper Insulation - June 13, 1959